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Beautiful, straight smiles for children, teenagers and adults

Hagley Dental offers both NHS orthodontic treatment for under 18’s and adult teeth straightening with the leading discreet orthodontic system Invisalign. 

Our NHS orthodontics team is here to support the development of children and teens who require braces to correct their bite and straighten their teeth, so that they can go into adulthood with healthy smile function and complete smile confidence. 

For adults who have always wanted to straighten their smile but traditional braces have put you off - Invisalign offers a gentle, almost invisible system that provides exceptional results with minimal impact to speech, smile function or aesthetics. You can have the straight smile you have always wanted without having to compromise on comfort or looks. 


NHS Orthodontics

Whilst we will work with you to help prevent your children struggling with these problems as they age, various lifestyle factors and medical conditions can cause orthodontics to be necessary. 

Main reasons for orthodontics:

To correct the bite so that the top and bottom arches of teeth meet evenly
To straighten the teeth
To correct overcrowding
To help minimise protruding teeth being damaged or becoming more prominent
To help enhance oral hygiene and ease of oral care

NHS orthodontics is currently free to anybody under the age of 18 with a need for treatment. The majority of treatment options for NHS orthodontics involve traditional braces, which can help to correct the look and placement of teeth that are misaligned, protruding or crooked. 

In some cases we may need to remove teeth to make room for the straightening process. We may also need to refer to hospital services, or work with various hospital departments in the event that a case is complex and requires surgical intervention. 

Children and teenagers with mild orthodontic needs may benefit from private Invisalign treatment which is more discreet than traditional braces and less impactful in regards to diet, speech and oral hygiene. 


For adults who would love to straighten their teeth without having to have traditional metal braces, Hagley Dental offers Invisalign - a leading orthodontic treatment with exceptional results. 

Invisalign works by gently and discreetly moving the teeth using special trays that are nearly completely invisible. The trays are changed every few weeks (or sometimes weekly), so that stage by stage, the teeth move into a new position until they are completely straight. At this point, we may recommend a permanent and/or temporary retainer which will keep the teeth in their new position long-term. 

Nearly completely invisible
Removable so you can still eat your favourite foods
Easy to clean the trays and maintain great oral hygiene
Perfect for adults who have avoided straightening their teeth because they wanted to avoid traditional braces
No real impact on speech
Perfect for teenagers and children who feel embarrassed to have traditional braces, but need their teeth straightened
Works on mild to moderate straightening cases
The process is quick, and easy
Before Treatment
After Treatment

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