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We're committed to your long term dental health

We believe the best way to maintain healthy teeth and gums is by joining our monthly membership. Our range of dental plans encourage a preventive approach to your dental health needs and encourage regular attendance to enable us to spot any problems before they arise.

Our membership plan is a simple way to budget your routine care with a simple monthly payment and is also our most affordable private dental service.


Members of our plan will receive:

  • 2 dental health checks with their dentist per year
  • A dental clean twice or four times a year (depending on the plan you choose to join)
  • Should any dental treatment be required, members also receive an exclusive 10% discount on most routine dental treatments (exclusions apply)
  • Access to our Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme for the times they need it, such as: emergency dental treatment, suffering dental trauma or the diagnosis of oral cancer (as the primary site, terms and conditions apply)
  • Our membership plans start from just 69p a day, contact us today to join our growing community of practice members!

We believe our membership is the complete package to maintain your oral health. We recommend joining to help reduce the risk of expensive restorative treatment in the future.


Join our monthly Membership and enjoy the benefits!

Number of dental health examinations per year*** 2 2 £55
Number of dental cleans per year*** 2 4 £73.50
Small x-rays (2 included) £21.00 each
Eligibility to request assistance from the Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme*
10% discount on most dental treatments**
Monthly cost**** £20.94 £31.69 -
Yearly cost £251.28 £380.28 £299.00 / £446.00
Members’ yearly saving £47.72 £65.72 -
Regular dental and hygiene visits to help keep your mouth in great condition
Healthier teeth and gums through regular attendance
Better overall health, a healthy mouth can reduce other health problems developing
Exclusive treatment discount to make a beautiful smile more affordable
Spreading the cost monthly via a convenient Direct Debit
Better value than paying-as-you-go

Ask at reception or download our plan leaflet for more information. The link below opens our Plan Leaflet PDF (Opens in a new window)

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