Hygienist Services At Hagley Dental

Gum disease prevention, education and treatment

Hagley Dental offers high-quality hygienist services to help you maintain optimum oral hygiene. From detailed gum disease prevention advice and treatment, to professional teeth cleaning and polishing, you can expect the very best supportive oral care from our hygienist team. 

What Is A Hygienist?

A hygienist is dedicated to helping patients keep their natural teeth by offering advice and treatment relating to gum disease. With regular check-ups at Hagley Dental, and supplementary hygienist appointments, you can keep gum disease at bay, ensuring your teeth stay stable and strong for as long as possible. 

Hygienists also offer active gum disease treatment (working with the dentist), provide lots of information and advice to help you brush and floss, and provide scaling and polishing treatments to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Some hygienists are also qualified to provide minor cosmetic dentistry treatments like teeth whitening. 

What To Expect At A Hygienist Appointment

When you visit us for a hygienist appointment it may be on recommendation from the dentist, or as a separate line of supportive treatment. 

On your first visit you can expect a detailed chat about your oral health, including how your gums are and whether they are showing any signs of gum disease such as:

Bleeding of the gums after brushing
Puffy or red gums
Receding gums and tooth sensitivity
Bad breath
Looser teeth

We’ll then check the condition of the gums and discuss a treatment plan with you.

If you have advanced gum disease we may need to refer you to the dentist so that a more comprehensive treatment plan can be discussed. Otherwise, we will then discuss your cleaning regime, how it can be improved, and which products may help to enhance the results of your efforts. 

This will then be followed by a professional clean of the teeth called a ‘scale’ to remove any hard tartar and plaque deposits that could be irritating your gums. To complete your hygienist appointment you’ll enjoy a full polish, which buffs the teeth, removes surface stains and gets them looking clean and beautiful once again. 

If gum disease is not present, hygienist appointments act as a useful preventative in your overall oral care regime to clean the teeth and to keep the gums in great condition. If gum disease is present we can usually, with your committed hygiene regime at home, reverse it or get it under control so that you can then visit us for further maintenance. 

If you are seeking professional hygienist services in the Hagley area, please call our team on 01562 883 177 to book an appointment.

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