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Rejuvenate & Enhance Your Natural Beauty!

Would you love to enhance physical features like your lips or cheekbones? Would you like to turn back the hands of time with treatments that smooth common signs of ageing, like frown lines? Hagley Dental can help, with a range of safe and effective facial aesthetic treatments. 

In a clinical setting, treated by a safe, experienced and qualified team you can have facial aesthetic treatments designed to enhance your natural beauty. Rather than treat to make you look completely different, our skilled team will work with you to achieve natural and beautiful results that aim to enhance your natural beauty, and give you a fresh ‘great night's sleep’ look that lasts. 

Why Choose Facial Rejuvenation Treatments?

Wrinkles, fine lines and loss of volume in the face can cause us to feel less confident, and to look older than we might feel inside. For many patients, facial aesthetic treatments like fillers and wrinkle relaxants refresh the face to plump and brighten the skin, targeting problem areas like crows feet by the eyes, and frown lines on the forehead. 

For some patients, facial rejuvenation is used to enhance certain features, such as the lips, highlighting beauty that is already present using medical-grade, safe products applied skilfully by our experienced facial aesthetics team. 

To ensure that everyone has optimum results, during the initial consultation we take care to listen very carefully to what you want the results to look like, and what you definitely don't want the results to be, too. This helps us to apply the products with precision and care, so you’re completely happy with the outcome. 

Our team wants to make sure you leave with a boost in confidence, which is why we take extra care to treat you as an individual and fully understand your needs before any product is applied. 

Our Facial Aesthetics Treatments

Hagley Dental offers two main facial aesthetics treatments – wrinkle reduction injections and fillers. 

Wrinkle reduction

Botox (Botulinum Toxin) is a clinically approved product designed to temporarily limit muscle movement. This helps with fine lines and wrinkles because those particular signs of ageing are caused by muscles in the face repeatedly moving. Relax the muscle and you take away the cause of the fine line or wrinkle and rejuvenate your looks. It usually takes 7-14 days for the full effect to be seen. 

After your treatment, it takes about 3-6 months for the Botox to wear off at which time you may wish to have a top-up treatment to continue enjoying the results. 

Common treatment areas for Botox:
Forehead lines
Crows feet (eye wrinkles)
Frown lines


Fillers (dermal fillers) are injections of a clinically approved product that is skilfully applied to sculpt and volumise different facial areas to help achieve a smooth and youthful look. 

Whereas anti-wrinkle injections works well with fine lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers actively plump up the skin to smooth out deeper wrinkles, particularly visible grooves and lines that may not be impacted much by anti-wrinkle treatment. 

In addition, areas like the cheekbones, jawbone and lips can be enhanced, which can be particularly helpful when there is a lack of volume, either naturally, as part of the ageing process, or through the loss of a lot of weight. 

The results can last a long time, but this depends on the filler type that is used and where it is applied. Eventually, the body reabsorbs the filler naturally, at which point you can return to Hagley Dental for a top-up treatment. 

Common treatment areas for filler:
Nose (non-surgical rhinoplasty)
Nasolabial folds (either side of the nose)
Glabella lines (between the eyebrows)

Are you ready to roll back the signs of ageing with the team at Hagley Dental? Please call our friendly reception team on 01562 883 177 for more advice and to book your appointment.

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