Dental Implants At Hagley Dental

The ‘gold standard’ in replacing missing teeth for a natural feel and stunning look

We are proud to offer you the most innovative and advanced option for replacing missing teeth - dental implants. 

There are some great options available for restoring a smile such as crowns, bridges and dentures, but if you want teeth that look and feel as close as possible to your natural teeth, there’s no better treatment than dental implants.

No slippage, speech or taste impact, no time with an incomplete smile - just strong, stunning, secure implant-supported teeth for a smile you can truly be proud of. 

What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a metal device that is usually made of titanium, but it can be a mixture of different medical-grade metals. 

It is designed to replace the root of the missing tooth and is placed during a small surgical procedure by a qualified implant surgeon. Once it has been placed it can take a few months to heal and successfully bond with the jawbone. This healing process, known as osseointegration, creates a strong and secure base to which crowns, dentures or bridges are attached. Your treatment is then complete, leaving you with a strong, beautifully restored smile!

Why Are Teeth Implants A Great Choice For Smile Restoration?

We are proud to bring you this exceptional treatment because it has so many benefits, compared to alternatives for replacing missing teeth. It really is the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to rebuilding a smile, and when you choose to replace your missing teeth in this way, you can expect many benefits including (but not limited to): 

Protection of the jawbone and facial structure
Minimising remaining natural teeth moving and becoming misaligned
Providing a strong and secure base for crowns, dentures or bridges
No worrying about impact on diet, speech or mouth feel
A stunning natural look
No denture sores
Designed to last decades and potentially a lifetime
Able to replace one, multiple or entire arches of missing teeth

How Does Dental Implant Treatment Work?

When you choose Hagley Dental for implant treatment, the process usually follows this sequence: 

Step 1 - The Consultation

We welcome you into the clinic to talk about your smile goals, smile challenges and to answer any questions you may have. During this time we will also do a clinical examination of your teeth, gums and surrounding oral tissues and jawbone. 

We will discuss certain lifestyle habits that can impact your suitability for treatment, as well as other factors that come into play with this particular treatment type. 

If you’re unsuitable for implants, we can discuss alternatives with you. If you are suitable, we will provide you with a complete treatment plan breakdown, including transparent cost estimates and all the information you need to make an informed choice about your treatment moving forward. 

Step 2 - Planning

As part of the planning process we may need to take certain scans, X-rays and plan certain preparation work to ensure you’re in the best possible situation for a positive implant outcome. 

Step 3 - Placement

On the day of placement you’ll be relaxed and comfortable in our clinic, with effective local anaesthetic minimising discomfort. When we’re sure you’re unable to feel any pain at all in the implant location, we will place it and then dress the area. There may also be some stitches in place afterwards. 

Step 4 - Healing

You’ll go home with a complete aftercare treatment plan, advising you on how to care for yourself and your implants post surgery. There may be some minor discomfort, but we will advise you on how to manage that with painkillers. We may also prescribe antibiotics to help minimise any chance of infection. 

We’ll ask you to come back periodically so that we can check on the healing progress of the implant, and once we are satisfied everything is secure, healed and healthy, we can plan the final stages of the treatment. 

Step 5 - Completion

We will add the abutment, which is the part of the implant that holds the denture, bridge or crown, and then we will connect the part that looks and acts as the tooth to complete your implant treatment. We may add the abutment and crowns in different appointments, depending on your individual needs. The crown will be made to match the shade and shape of your existing teeth for a natural appearance.

Step 6 - Maintenance

We want you to have your implants for a long time, so we’ll advise you on lifestyle changes and oral hygiene habits to maintain in order to boost the chance of avoiding infections, gum disease around the implant, or implant rejection. You’ll also need regular checks of the implant periodically moving forward. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in replacing your missing teeth, please call Hagley Dental today on 01562 883 177 to arrange your consultation!

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